Installing previous version of Flame on latest MacOS

Hi All,

I have a completely fresh MacStudio running MacOs Ventura 13.5. Flame 2024.1.1 installed and running great.
Have been asked to work on a project where the studio is using Flame 2021.2.2.
I’ve go a few questions…
Can I go back to 2021.2.2?
Will that run on Ventura?
Would I need to uninstall 2024 first?
Does this sound like a terrible idea…?


I would suggest uninstalling a later version before installing an older. Then reinstalling the newer one on top.
Did it recently with 2024.1 and 2023.3 on Linux. Can’t comment for 2021 though. 2021 might not support Ventura. Check the Autodesk website before venturing.

Should be fine. Mac just installs a separate app per version Flame. I have a few versions on mine just in case I need to switch. I have 2024 as a test version, but work in 2023.

Ventura sucks. Be prepared to spend time in System Prefs unlocking permissions. Full Disk Access is my first stop.

Went with the uninstall/reinstall and compromised on 2023 (cos that works with Ventura and M Series Macs). Everything seems to be working OK apart from the tilde key which is completely inoperative. Not entirely sure why. But it does slow you down a bit!

Check your language settings. GB/US/EN Might be different keyboard mappings depending on your physical keyboard.

I had tried the GB/US/EN in keyboard settings, but it turned out I had the Mac set to ‘US International PC’ (which you would have thought made sense as it it s a PC keyboard) instead of ‘US’. All seems to work now, fingers crossed.
Thanks for the help.

Also check if you have caps lock on, I’ve found that stops it working on my mac.

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