Shotgrid/Shotgun preview clip colorspace?

Hey Folks,
Is there a way to get shotgun preview quicktime renders to be converted into REC709 on publish. We’re publishing elements in both ACEScg, which appear very dark in shotgrid, and LogC, which appear very flat. Would love to get them closer.

Jesse says he has a procedure which I think is different than what I propose here.

  1. Bake the color transform in and SG publish.
  2. Take it off, and then re-publish over then same version, and NOT SG enabled.

So effectively you do the SG registration with the color transformed images, so those get sent to the site. Then you overwrite that on the NAS/SAN with non color transformed plates, but they don’t get sent to SG site so your previews in the web are still “colored” but on disk is raw.

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Before flame/shotgrid can reliably convert colorspace, it would have to first be able to reliably tag the clips. At the moment I can set the set the color management tab of a clip to Tag Only, ACEScg, but when you go to import the clip back into batch using ‘from file or rules’ the tagging is read as rec709. Likewise a File Write node set to LogC will read back the clip in 709. I’m not sure if the issue is in the Tagging in the File Write or in the importing.

interesting … When a clip is imported it first looks for any tagging and then if not it uses the rules. Am I right?

I should clarify. Problem of tagging seems to be the raw files. If you use the openClip, the tagging is correct…
I’ll try to get back to see if the files are correct when you’re not creating an openClip.

@ALan I appreciate the workaround. I wish there was a more elegant solution. If there were, I imagine you and @jesse would have found it. Best Wishes, Sam

When we were rolling the Shotgun Advance config - we did get Color corrected QT thumbnails and reviewable QTs - however the compression on Shotgun was so bad and our pipeline was breaking so often that we ended up going to bassic config. I made a request for color mangaged QT thumbnails in shotgun about 6 years ago. But just like all Autodesk products they would rather update the way we log in and make stand alone programs like shotgun create then actually make a product that worked in real productions.

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