Signal Boost for a Feature Request: Paint Stroke Multi-Select

As I just spent a chunk of time changing the frame range of a host of paint strokes, one by one, I would like to boost a fairly old FR from flame hero Ivar Beer, in which he asks for the ability to select multiple paint strokes in “edit” mode.

This is the link to that FR.

It’s a small thing, but as anyone who’s painted up a really nice single frame that should have been a sequence or range will tell you, being able to change all the strokes en-masse is sorely needed.


I wish I could vote multiple times…

In the mean time, use the Python script that auto fixes this after the fact.

+1. It’s official. This rascal is now viral.

Autodesk only counts legal votes


If Autodesk would only count the millions of votes that everyone wished they submitted to get this feature request implemented! WE WOULD HAVE TOTALLY WON PAINT MULTI-SELECT! #MFGA

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I’ve literally just finished a shot that I needed this feature, I vote for this also!