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I need to apply a certain amount of soft filter to smooth some parts of a shoot. My mate of color room found that the “soften and sharpen” filter from resolve/fusion works very well (and indeed, it does ). I have tried the basic filters of flame, but I can’t find anything that works similar. what is the best way/technique to do this?


Did you try the A2Beauty matchbox? or Denoise node in batch with median turned on? There are various types of matchbox blur you can play with. Also if you use the
old school flame filters you can set the sharpen to a negative value and it will soften instead.

take a look at @allklier 's new matchbox shaders. They may get you there.

I tried with crok_soft and median filter from denoise and they don’t work at all.

I´ve just tried with A2beauty and it does not work as well as soft from resolve. It’s not a skin texture. It´s a ground area with sand and little stones that we need match with 3D. Resolve´s soft filter does a damn good job keeping details and softening the image.

So, I will render the shot on resolve to restore specifical areas.

If you post a sample of what the filter is doing in resolve then maybe we can suggest another way to achieve it in Flame. Post a before and after screen shot of a test image.

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thanks John!!

These are the original and the processed by resolve versions:


Link to original files:

They are only a portion of the image. I can’t upload the whole picture. The result is even more evident in r709. Footage is arri alexa logC. The goal is only remove that kind of “gravel” texture, specially of near parts, enhancing a sandy beach look without loose details.

Definitely suggest some kind if frequency separation to select the ‘gravel’. Try out the L_Lumps. Instead of just relying on the filter to do it, I would actually either use a big blur or paint brush and paint into separated layer before recombining it. Gives you more control. Also consider a luma key to restrict it.

Thanks for sharing those screen grabs.

Have a go with crok_beauty and sample mid grey rather than skin colour. It gets you close very quickly and easily but getting an exact match might take another approach on top :thinking: