Something for 2022? Who's in?

Hello everybody. Someone just suggested - in today’s Zoom meeting - that maybe for 2022 we could all work together on something. I then suggested that maybe to add to that idea, we can work together on a community building project doing just that but employing NFTs. I mentioned NFTs because I think it is the most exciting thing to happen to creatives in like, forever. Since the invention of the four track audio recorder or the Commodore Amiga - it’s that kind of cool - (two references to inspirational technology highlights in my life).

Anyway, as luck would have it, I just stumbled upon a site called BBS.Market - where every post is an NFT, costs nothing, you don’t need to hook up a wallet to get started, very low barrier of entry - and every post becomes an NFT. Just a thought, the NFT world is evolving fast but this would be, in my opinion, an incredible to way support each other, work together and do it for financial gain as well. But as the saying goes, you can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. My thought is there would have to be community interest - or at least curiosity, to get something like that going.

My first thought, which I blurted out in the zoom meeting, was that we can all show examples of things we learned in Logik, or by using flame in general, and that we would want to share as “mini art pieces” - not the greatest idea, but it could be interesting. I have gone ahead and created BBS.Market/FLYfx - check it out. Hooking up your twitter and or facebook to your account seems to be a thing as well, I have hooked my FLYfx twitter account to mine.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

p.s. I think I misspoke on the zoom and called it bbs dot network, that is wrong. It is market!!! Cheers!

This site does not need to be where we NFT - in fact, maybe we can all explore and suggest other platforms, it is evolving fast, with the advent of Nike, Coke, McDonald’s and Facebook all plunging into the meta-verse in a big way, this seems like a logical thing as well for the future of Logik - just a thought again, and NFTs are a BIG HUGE part of that. Our next meeting could very well be in a virtual space in “Sandbox” or “Decentraland”.

Here is a blurb about Sandbox:

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven virtual world where creators can design, share, and sell in-world assets. The Sandbox metaverse is one of several blockchain-based virtual worlds attempting to change the dynamics of the gaming market and reward creators for the value they produce through user-generated content.


The next One Frame Of White awards show might very well be in the “Logik Theatre” in a virtual world, in fact, I would be surprised if it wasn’t.

Would love to hear about other’s knowledge and interest in this sort of thing. Too much to know, but amazing to see? Or are you interested in jumping on the boat and picking up an oar? Let me know!

I might just be a grouch, but I despise this NFT s**t. Most of it is just that. And I just don’t know if I can agree with the idea that it’s the most exciting thing for creatives since four track audio or the Amiga. Because the technological innovation of NFTs, as opposed to the Amiga, is not artistic in any way. It doesn’t advance artistic mediums through technology, it merely exacerbates repugnant capitalist trends in the art world through technology. It might be more akin to Charles Saatchi funding the rise of the Young British Artists, but in a more decentralized way. And in the same way we ended up with skulls draped in diamonds and rubies being acclaimed as the greatest art in the world, now we (sadly) have $1000 8-bit Twitter avatars. That’s just my two cents, and before I get “ok boomer’d” I’m 31. And I’ll probably end up a penniless pauper because I didn’t invest in Bitcoin, but I’m just a ways away from buying into this… and I just despise almost any NFT I’ve ever seen (especially when I see the price tag). There also a chance that I just don’t understand NFT’s at all on any level… haha


@BrittCiampa I fully agree with you with the NFT trend. I appreciate art in its many, many expressions but NFTs are just a distribution channel, a leveraged for profit one, but I just can’t bring myself to think of it as art on its own. It’s like currency with no gold-backing. It can go up in smoke overnight. The same with bitcoin. All it takes is a rogue government to come and take it all from you… or a ponzi crash or any of those things like what happened here in 2008


I am easy, open to al ideas. I have been focussing on NFTs for a while now, I am not interested in creating any just yet, I am looking for the “why”. Why would anyone want my NFTs? The how is irrelevant to me, as platforms and various cryptocurrencies evolve, there is no reason to rush into it in my opinion. But there is reason to learn about it - and come up with the best “why”. NFTs are eating the world. Real estate is being tokenized along with everything else and smart contracts will be how we do business in very short order. We cannot stop it. I am not here to defend NFTs or bitcoin or any of the other 10,000 alt coins, as Satoshi Nakamoto famously said, if you don’t get it, I don’t have time to explain it to you. But when 80 percent of the global monetary supply was printed out of thin air in the past two years or whatever, you better be paying attention and have a plan in place. Hard assets, not cash, are where. we should be putting our funds - and maybe also embracing what this new world has to offer. This is not financial advice, simply my opinion. Every one has an opinion and I respect that. I don’t debate, I resonate. If you want to debate the topic, I am not your guy. I am too busy resonating with those that are building right now. Come build or don’t. I will see you on the other side.

I see flame as THE rock star app - and anyone who operates flame as part of that. It is incredible - I think we can all agree on that. This site is incredible, what Andy and the Randy have done is incredible and this community is amazing. This is something to talk about. The story behind this journey - especially in light of COVID and the lockdowns - to see Andy on Sundays was a life saver for me personally, I can’t possibly thank him and Randy enough for all they have done - and this is inspiring and amazing to me. The good that comes out of this. Now, IF we are indeed faced with another downturn, I feel that maybe, just maybe we could cross a diamond with a pearl as they say and come up with a really compelling twist on NFTs, the meta verse or whatever, to make some money. We are here to support the community, we all contribute to support the community and grow. Is there value in that? Sure, but if there is no work, what is the backup plan? I can only hold my breath for so long, I can only go so far into debt to keep my ship afloat. I can learn every button in the flame inside out and upside down eventually but again, if there is no work, that does not pay the bills.

But what if it was possible to generate community involvement and growing as a community and somehow generate income while doing it? I think it is wonderful to compete for prizes once a year in one frame of white and to get the various other goodies along the way and to support Logik as a patreon - well worth it to me for what I get in return. But I can’t help but think that all these brilliant minds working together might actually be able to add to this in very big way.

How would we do it? I don’t know. What would we do? I have a few ideas, but this is all brand new and I am not a super genius, just a nerd watching other nerds get rich and wondering if it might be good for me and this army of Logik folk.

I am not here to step on toes or make anyone angry, that is the last thing I want. I just want to survive.

Just putting it out there.

I’d say you’ve got it pretty well understood.

The Blockhain is an answer in search of problems. A staggeringly resource-intensive answer.

“What if Jpeg, but valuable?” is such a poisoned view of the world. Lets take one of the coolest, best parts of the internet and put a dollar sign on it.

And before anyone starts saying it’s good for the artist, please see exhibits A, B, C, D, E...

I mean how fucked is something if a place like Deviant Art has to build an app to search for NFTs to warn the original creators? Think of all the work not being created because the artists have to issue takedown notices and the chilling effect it has on people putting up new work.

The blockchain is a paperclip machine.


My big issue with hashing on the distributed token networks, is it is insanely bad for the environment. One crypto miner recently built its own power station to juice all the miners at its deployment.

Crypto also was invented by the NSA all the way back in 1996, and published in a paper called “how to make a mint”

I think the fact that people believe a mysterious character called Satoshi appeared just after the Lehman Brothers collapse with his Bitcoin white paper, and no one has ever met the guy before or since, is just a gaslighting financial Santa clause !

The irony being that crypto is also absolutely chock full of completely extreme financial manipulation from being so deregulated. As soon as people want to pull fiat out of the exchanges, on large numbers, the servers go down and liquidity in the market collapses.

I do play with it all experimentally, more to explore the tech and the moral arguments either way.

Personally I don’t think that it is overall a benefit to society, and actually seems to pull on raw greed more than anything at all.

A lot of the utility use cases are total vapourware and hence the whole thing exists largely in its own universe. Because that universe then is so detached from real world utility, the vast majority of its ascribed value is unaffected by economic fundamentals and so is a purest of psychology of greed. This is actually why using just technical analysis, it can be relatively easy to predict price action, using Elliot waves, fib and convergences. This is also why a massive percentage of its trades are carried out by bots ! But this huge Psychological element also is why it is so incredibly volatile as there is no fundamental value to underpin it.

Btc for instance could be $10 or $10,000, equally, because there is nothing to actually measure it’s worth in the real world other than the psychological superficial ascribed value. It barely is used in real world function.

Paper money actually does represent real world functional value for the services or goods or resources being exchanged.

Even given all this it still would be fun and interesting to me, had it not been for the insane inefficiency and effect on the environment.

So this idea is definitely not for me !


Once again Andy perfectly distills my thoughts and makes me think about replaying Bloodborne again just by seeing his face.


My original suggestion was to collaborate with fellow Flame artists and in due course train ourselves with another veteran artist’s experience. The NFT thing might be just a by product, at least for me.

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I would suggest if anyone is interested in continuing this conversation, let me know. I am not here to debate.

I do like this dude though.

NFTs are going to eat the world.

Photoshop Will Soon Integrate A 'Prepare As NFT' Option.

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Is everyone watching the “play to earn” space? Very exciting.

I am also personally excited about the green revolution being sparked by bitcoin mining.

I don’t mind the growing pains, all opportunities waiting to be exploited in my opinion.

Happy happy joy joy. My house!


NFTs as a tech concept? That’s got a long future.

NFTs for collectibles and “art”? I just can’t imagine any other future than people in a year or two going “So, uh, what do I do with these now?”

Group Entries One Frame of White?

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Historical events can be NFTs. I would buy an NFT that represented the One Frame Of White competition. Think of it as a commemorative plate. They will be sought after because this year, for example, there are only 8 tokens since only 8 people entered. There could be any multiple of 8 - possibly linked to the pieces, with different levels of scarcity as you go through the 1/8th of the pile.

What you can do from there is where it gets interesting. These NFTs can be living things that are like keys that open doors in the future. Ellio Trades on youtube is someone to look at for thinking outside the box with this concept. So much potential.

Even the year end statistics of participation by the group - the simple text of the numbers can be an NFT - criticize it if you must, but this is a real thing and it is growing fast. It is an historic event. A monumental achievement - the number of followers, posts, views etc. And now you can buy the commemorative plate - or in this case the NFT. Strange stuff but once you get it, you get it. Looking for supportive community around this.

I compared NFTs to the four track recorder and the Commodore Amiga because they empowered artists. Please be kind, I am a gentle flower.

: )

By the way, the graphics package for the One Frame Of White show was GORGEOUS!!! HUGE SHOUT OUT to whoever rocked that. I want to buy that NFT. Just sayin’.

Money makin’, money money makin’. - The Beastie Boys

NFTs are also being fractionalized, used as collateral and so much more.

The Crypto Punks are priced in the seven figures because of their place in history.

We are at a place in history, very early on. This is a massive opportunity for the right team, the right community, a group with the vision to see what something like this can be.

Even these posts, the anti-crypto posts even, are historical in a sense. The great unfolding of the story to come. Gives me chills. Again, kindness please, flower, gentle. Thanks.

NFT’s seem like a scam to me.