Something for 2022? Who's in?

Games reporter Jason Schreier sums it up for me in this article

But NFTs tests players’ trust in a new way. Every game that uses NFTs, whether it was built from the ground up to be “play-to-earn” or it just grafted on blockchain later like Ubisoft Quartz, is designed around an economy where players can buy and sell digital items to one another. As a result, every player is incentivized not to have a good time but to make as much money as possible. Economy comes first; enjoyment and artistic value are often secondary.


Ugh. That sounds a bit grim.




Merry Christmas!

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Got it. Fun good, money bad. Thanks. Question: was using the word “sum” meant to be ironic?


I started typing, but Paul nailed it better than I could. NFTs are a cancer. I guess I’m happy for Beeple er al, but it pains me to see prominent people from our community flogging them. I get that it’s a gold rush, but it feels gross.

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The art part of NFTs is a bit silly I think. The blockchain is flooded with artworks that would not be out of place in the shittiest of thrift stores ( and probably painted on velvet too )
But, NFT technology will serve a great good moving forward I believe.

What’s he selling?!:grinning:

Anyone looked into unstoppable domains?

So obviously this thread has unearthed some pretty passionate attitudes. It is a pretty crazy idea to try to organize something of that scale in a sector with that particular level of infancy in our business of digital mercenaries just trying to survive during a pandemic. That may be a more 400-level activity once our community continues its evolution but for now, perhaps we focus on something more 100-level…like, Intro to Philosophy PHI101, but for the community. To mix metaphors, let’s pull back on the dolly track a bit to its A position. To Ralph’s credit, there weren’t a lot of responses when I asked the open-ended question of what the community ought to accomplish in 2022. @Sinan was into some kind of group activity…Renderdome Tag Team? One Frame of White Group Entries? @FLYfx introduced us to NFTs.

What are some other areas of focus for 2022? How can we continue to grow and serve the needs of the community? How can we do “The Most Good” for “The Most Flame Artists” in a Lockean or Humesean kinda way?

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Sounds good. I love @Sinan’s original comment about working together on something and the comment about attracting more young minds to the Autodesk Flame toolset is also very interesting to me. Paying it forward kind of thing. I for one would not be where I am today if it were not for the kindness and generosity of others, hard-core professionals who helped me for no other reason than someone helped them once. Those that share this experience are ALL truly standing on the shoulders of giants.

I am still excited about - where every post is an NFT - and I just learned today that the “money” they reward each post with is actually going to turn into a pre-sale position in the upcoming token that will be released. (Cue the throwing of vegetables!).

: )

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Hey what if we had zoom meetings where we share a tip - each person brings one - maybe we vote on what is the “tip of the week” - dumb? I’m too close to it already. Let me know what you think.

Maybe make a short Grant Kay-style short clip of the tip of the week…?

Ok, back to work.

Eminem just purchased a bored ape because it looked like him I guess? Dig it, yahoo finance.

Eminem is Latest Celebrity to Buy a Bored Ape NFT.

Did nobody tell him that if wanted to use it as his twitter icon he could just copy and paste?

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If I sell you an NFT, the person that copies the image, animation, song, etc. does not own it like you would, you have the keys to the future development, future airdrops, event invites, etc.

Imagine a band, they give away ten NFTs for each show they do, if nobody takes them, they are destroyed. The NFTs then are the doorway to future show discounts, free swag, other perks, maybe they get dibs on the next show’s NFTs. Perhaps one lucky winner is chosen from the NFTs collected to win a role in the next music video for example. I heard someone say that in a few months we are all going to have NFTs, whether we want them or not. They are about to eat the world.

But again, this conversation started as “what can we do that is new in 2022”. I am obsessed with NFTs. I should sit down.

: )

I mean, i get the theoretical possibilities of what could happen with this purchase. But what’s almost 100% really going to happen? He’s going to use it as his twitter icon, phone background?, maybe album cover if we’re being really expansive?

Don’t get me wrong I really truly admire the grift these early NFT artists have going on, especially the bored ape guy. He’s literally selling for tens of thousands of dollars stuff he probably just used to post on his instagram. Fool, money, etc. etc. More power to him.

A use I see for NFTs (if possible) is to encode after edit dubs (mpeg4s and the like) sent to client. Then when a client/junior producer/new agency send you a ref edit saying they want this master restored/tweaked/changed etc you can find it with confidence. Or indeed you can say with certainty this is not our master because shot 3 for example, is not the one that was in the original after edit dub you supplied.

Or, that screengrab you sent me mr creative director is a comp you made and not a version I have made so please let’s talk with honesty about the scale of work you’d like us to undertake.

A digital receipt. Can they work like this?

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The NFT’s thing is a cul-de-sac in the short, medium and most-epecially the longterm, but if you are looking to get involved in something and want to thumb your nose at the planet like its neoliberal 1999, whilst feeling C21, then this is totally the direction to go in, as you park your car against the end of the road and go around and around that small circle feeling like your travelling some ways.

I didn’t expect to bump into one of my interests, but the non-origin or metaphysics of the work of art is one of my interests, alongside Flame, obv. I don’t expect to bump into them both (theories of art and usage of Flame) but I happily see them both colliding here, and joining up as strange mutated nodes. There are those meditations upon works of art such as Walter Benjamin’s seminal “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” and Martin Heidegger’s “The Origin of the Work of Art” or “The Age of the World Picture,” but I find Derrida’s The Truth in Painting or Signature Event Context to be the most applicable and appropriate in picking apart or “deconstructing” ideas of originary art works that can be guaranteeed under a signature and tethered to some origin. These two texts are very strong on upsetting the applecart of beliefs in some “whole” art that can not be reproduced, copied, mutated, etc. You can think of that scene out of Nolan’s The Prestige which is basically a “carbon copy” of the Star Trek transporter thought experiment about the human soul, which I think disproves, rather than (a)proves of it as an idea/l. You beam from one place to another but then find that you are looking back at yourself on the screen from the place of origin. You see you’ve not really been beamed but really faxed. You’re physical “beingness” has not really been beamed but really scanned and then “reconstructed” at the other end. Problem is, the “original” was not destroyed and this new you, that you are “experiencing” that feels exactly the same as the one at the other end, has not been “rubbed out” but has survived (edited: not survived as in singular, but not been disposed of as a copy of an “original”). There are now two of you feeling just as “original” as each other and would perhaps fight it out to survive, like you are each the other’s worst enemy!

With Derrida’s idea of The Parergon (taken from Kant) there is the proof that each work of art needs a frame, or an auxillery to be “taken” as the work of art. The work needs an “edge” needs a guarantee to be taken as such (institutions, apparatuses, technologies) and hates, as it were, that it cannot be itself without the support of something outside itself. Every artist seems to desire some idea/l of being “singular” but they have to live offf the life support of instututions (not just critics, history, but everything outside themselves).

The NFT, whatever its environmental cost, is simply an old fashioned idea and a “digital” thing or copy that wishes to be analogue, wishes to be tethered to some source. One day, as all must, those sources will be switctched off. I am not talking about turning off servers but the ideology. Once people question (and you don’t need Derrida to help you on this) this “truth in NFT"s” and people move on, you’ll find the value depreciating. Where can you go to guarantee the metaphysics of your NFT"s. Like some investment in a limited company, you will not be able to go to the person who sold you the art (and that’s interesting as a move in conceptualising the NFT) as they were not guaranteeing true ownership, now you find yourself without that guarantee!

Like some have been saying, it’s just the latest grift and will not last too long before it moves back into the shade and becomes a historical phenemomenon. This latest blending of art and commerce is interesting as a phenomenon, as an “artefact on an artefact” but it is not any gold standard.

I’ve been keeping up a little on this NFT thing (I wrote a review of a book submission on a board I’m on) and I cannot believes that it’s not already gone the way of sub-prime mortgage scams. I think a lot is going to get written on this ship, once quite a few people start getting off it.

The original idea of collaboration is a good one, and if you want to use it as a venue support, then it sounds healthily (apart from burning more graphic card cores, and there’s no such thing as renewables according to that second law of thermodynamics) restricted within the ambit of an interest group, but if you want some idea of some work of art being tethered to some longevity of guanteed immutable permanent presence, then I’d be very wary of this NFT thing as thing of singular beauty?



wow, @TonyRichards you really gave this some thought.
I just can’t get past the “hype within the hype” sort of thing that drives so much of today’s speculative economy. Maybe it will turn into something useful someday. In the meantime it just gives me the same feeling that the Elizabeth Holmes, the subprime mortgages, the money launderers and the Enrons give me: contempt

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Yes @zorrofx there’s a lot going on, isn’t there, with these post-industrial anomic scenes. A bit like ye olde industrial revolution, the late C20 and tipping worryingly into the early-mid C21, just as C19, is beset by actors taking advantage, and who can blame them with such fluid structures, of these allowances and affordances. What’s funny and tragic is that they are taking place on the basis of pretty old fashioned desires for “ownership” that run contra to the fluidity of the digital/nomadic. Elizabeth Holmes, subprime mortgages, money launders, Enron are great examples of related signatories that are writing imprints into this water world. NFT’s are such a strange contradiction, and I cannot help that an archaelogy of this phenomenon is going to be taking place on that basis in this strange creature that wishes to tether itself back, or give the illusion of tethering back to some notion of origins and ownership. The problem is that the gold standard that it is refering back to is always-already a copy and operates within a parergonal structure. The signature itself is always-already a forgery. All there ever was the network and all there ever was were nodes. There is no master node to guarantee any others, let alone itself!



Love that thought process Tony. I also love Derrida and the semiotic model for how we construct reality. I mean really, everything is a projection in the human mind. Have you looked at Quantum Bayesianism?

Our default Euclidean model of reality is like a 1bit file with infinite compression…compared to the actual universe outside of our mind. The fact that our brain’s default stops at 3dimensions should not be used to assume reality also does. Hypercubes are just one layer up and mostly cause a complete mind meltdown !

Also lol…your discussion of the replication/teleport…actually makes me think of Tarkovsky’s Solaris !

Memories dreams information and reality…what is what ? it’s like Blade Runner 2049 where K is made in the image of his own maker, via dna copy and memory implant, and can no longer tell if he is real or not real. But aren’t all memories just implants via central nervous system…not reality at all then…when everything is energy and information, then everything is synthesis states…and we can see this in Paul Dirac’s work proving antimatter ! “Cells…interlinked”

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