Supported Flame Codec

I’m trying to import an mxf file that has a codec of Sony X-OCN ST that was shot on a Sony Venice 2 onto Flame but for some reason Flame isn’t able to read it. Does anyone know if Flame is able to support this codec?

What version are you on?

The version of Flame that I’m using is 2023.3

X-OCN and X-OCN XT for Venice 2 have been supported since 2023. I would have guessed that X-OCN ST and LT would have been supported as well, but perhaps I’m wrong.

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I also assumed that it would’ve worked but I checked the Flame Autodesk website and it doesn’t have X-OCN ST as a supported codec but it does have X-OCN and X-OCN XT.

Not all flavors of Venice 2 are supported in 2023. For example, the open gate formats worked but the 16x9 formats took another version or two.

If you’re able to spool up a machine to test 2024.1 on, you’ll likely find that the footage reads properly.

From there I’ve had good luck with just writing out acescg exrs and using those for comping, that is if you’re not able to upgrade all your machines for some reason.

Thank you very much I’ll try that out!

I would also recommend to validate your media file with Flame 2024 since the Sony RAW SDK has been updated in this version, as documented here: Help