Spinning vortex/swirl/fluid tricks

Soon I have to create a spinning vortex/swirl inside a cup of a hot beverage.
I was thinking to create this in 2d with an animated deform node in combination with a little displacement. Also was looking a bit into blender, if it need the 3d route. But would love to keep it in flame.
Any of you done this before and have any tricks to make it realistic?

quick test:

probably doable depending on expectations


Nice one thanks for sharing.
And for what purpose are you using the map convert?

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Converts the coordinates of the noise texture:

If you animate the noise on X you can have the noise texture going around the center.

Better if you make the texture tile-able so you dont get the seam.


Cool, yeah I made it tile-able,
It’s a bit weird to edit things upstream, before the coordinate changes, but I managed.
This is a test I did with a still. I used the coordinates trick you shared.


Prettty coool!

Great work. The flow direction seems reversed to me, considering the shape of the vortex. Maybe it’s me…

You must be in Australia :crazy_face:


Luckily its easy to reverse, I was also not sure if it was the right way.
Changed it now to be less pudding/jelly and comped in some bubbles from a still.


Even cooler. @Sinan is right btw

fun stuff. thx for sharing!