Starting different versions of Flame (macOS)


Intend to install Flame 2023.1 in addition to Flame 2021.2 on macOS Catalina.
Just wondering how the 2 different Flame icons can be distinguished (to start Flame)…

Or do you recommend to start Flame 2021.2 in the future with:

% /opt/Austodesk/Flame_2021.2/bin/startApplication

and Flame 2023.1 with this command?

% /opt/Austodesk/Flame_2023.1/bin/startApplication



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2023 has a new icon.
Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 18.53.04

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@joe99 Those are the commands I use except Autodesk doesnt have the “s” after “Au”.

What you wrote:
% /opt/Austodesk/Flame_2023.1/bin/startApplication

Also did @Francesco.Bianco answer your question?

And if you mean youre not sure what version the icon is for older version…A long way of doing it is CTRL+click Flame in dock, Options, show in finder, Apple+I (get info), and it will say in Version section

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I used to make my own custom icons to differentiate, cos it’s hard when even the app name is just “flame” and no version numbers.