Stone issues - rebuild flame 2022

Hey Guys… on set with issues on this on the loop

Any urgent tips how to solve that?

Hi there - was this upon startup?

I’ve run into this before. Some things I’ve done in the past…
EXIT and then restart entire machine. Run a vic, see if anything funky comes up. 9/10 the restart does the trick for me.

If there is a service pack you haven’t installed, I would try installing. And see if you can run that without this message. This would help point to if it’s data corruption on your stone or the entirety of the stone.
If it’s definitely data corruption, a rebuild is most likely due. It will build off the mirror files.

I wonder if you are on set and pulled a new IP address which caused stone and wire to need a little restart? First step is to make sure it’s running by launching the Service Monitor app in the Autodesk / Application / Utilities folder.