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No necessarily Flame-related but I would like to ask for suggestions for streaming from the studio. We have access to Evercast, but as far as I understand it will allow for one channel of video. The remote director asks for HD live feeds from all three concurrent sets.
Teradek and Qtake? Any other suggestions?

OBS + BMD Decklink Thunderbolt3 devices (from ultraStudio to miniM2). stream to Youtube/twitch/Your own server. You even can connect 3 channels to 1 notebook (assuming You could connect 3 TB3 devices to it ). in fact BMD mini/micro boxes uses 1 PCIe lane, not x4, so i can switch BMD M2 to USBC 3.1v1 on my notebook, it mapped to PCIex1, and You could use 3 switched streams in OBS just like in TV broadcast studio, or make stream of 3 small screens in one HD stream.

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setstream prices are through the r000f though.

roll your own with nimble streamer its easy and cost next to nothing. and its better than setstream who is just using webrtc…( from milicast)

with qtake you can do like multicam quad splits and whatever if you need that but you can stream from anything that supports rtmps/SRT. I use the teradek cube encoders and for mobile use the teradek vidiU both are great. (the decoders though dont buy those they suck). OBS with some sdi input cards (Blackmagic) is a good alternative, so is The ATEM mini pro etc etc. VMIX also works fine.

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Setstream as @ALan suggested seems to be a great fit for us. I managed to run 4 instances of OBS studio for 4 concurrent streams on a single MacMini with a DecLinkDuo 2 on an extension box.
The client-end UI is great, with a video/text chat in the same session. And I can control who sees which source on their end.
Pricing seems OK for us as well.
There is Evercast with a similar experience. It makes better sense if you stream constantly and prefer a monthly plan.
There was an option from QTake with their fragmented options with data tiers on top which turned out to be quite expensive.

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