Substance nodes appear green...?!

Hello all

First of all, please understand that I am not good at English.

when use the ‘substance noise’ node and ‘substance splatter’ node in the flame,
the ‘f4 result view’ appears as a green square.

It’s normal to see a noise pattern, but I tried to adjust all the options inside the node, but I couldn’t find a solution. What’s the reason?

Is my system a problem? Or is the program the problem?

I attach my system as on image.

please help me…!

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Welcome @mamadat!

@greg, am I remembering correctly that you saw something like this? Or was that lens flares? Same deal?

Yeah, it’s some problem on Adobe’s end but I believe this is supposed to be fixed in the latest Flame update. I don’t have access to check now but I’m pretty sure if you update flame, it will work.

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Which version of Flame are you using @mamadat?

By the way, your English is excellent!

Thank you!!
I’ll have to update it.

스크린샷 2020-12-23 오전 1.06.24

ver 21.0.0

Is it a version problem?

Thank you!

Are you using the free education version of Flame? Autodesk doesn’t allow that version to use updates. If you are, then I don’t think you’ll be able to use Substance in flame.

Action Lighting FLME-53499 Lens Flare and Substance elements appear as green squares on the latest MacBook Pro 16-inch.

Yes, I’m using an educational version. @greg Thank you for your answer. :grinning: I’ll try to reinstall the latest version.

@Peter Thank you for your answer. According to the page, The bug was fixed in version 20.0.2. I’ll try reinstalling the higher version. Thank you.:slight_smile: