Swap file name to Tape name

Had a conform

Tape name for everything was AX

File name was correct

Edits kept incorrect tape name.

I swapped everything manually because I could not find an automated way to do it.

Is there an easier way?

Hi John!

Amongst the import options at the bottom of the media hub/search location panel there is a menu that allows for the tape name to be substituted with the file name on import. Is that what you’re looking for?

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Hi @kirk

Thanks for chiming in - it’s not quite what I was meaning - I made a screen capture using old school edl conform to show the details more clearly - it seems like it’s either something quite obvious I’m missing or it’s a feature?

Actually. I’ve had a thought. If I had pressed use clip name info button then that might have done it. But there’s still got to be a quicker way to do this after the conform.

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You can set your match criteria to File Name, assemble the edl, then select the entire timeline and change the name to “tape”. It should put the correct tape name into the segments on the timeline as well as change the names in the edl. I agree that the should be a way to select the entire file name column in the edl and paste it into the Tape Name column, like a spread sheet. Note that I used quotation marks around tape because the little arrow keys are not legal characters.


Hi Tim

Thanks. Agreed on the spreadsheet thing. Especially in this day and age. It does feel lacking. I’m pretty sure you can do that sort of thing in baselight.

I ran into this same issue last week. Did the same manual copy and paste as you did. And I was dreaming of a feature like this. Avid has it, you right click and then copy from whatever column you want to in that Tape ID. It’s pretty cool.

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You may want to add your vote to this request:

FI-02195 Timeline: Ability to Rename Tape name (manual and tokens)


anything ever come of this request?