Syntheyes hot keys on Mac with Mac mouse

Hey hive! So I am on a Mac using the Mac mouse and I can right click the mouse to zoom but its wonky and to pan the image my pen works but again thats wonky too - I know PC you have multiple buttons and scroll - how to I navigate this on a Mac?? I cant seem to find hotkeys on pulldowns


I never found a good solution, since Flame is really the only pen driven app I use. Syntheyes and most other camera trackers are far more mouse driven since Maya and other 3d packages are . So, Iā€™d get one of these.

Maybe try this?

have you tried using 2 fingers on the mouse to pan

I like the mouse idea - remapping always scares me that I screw something else up!

ooh 2 fingers zooms! but alas no pan

I got this mouse a couple of months ago and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

its been ordered

Just to add my .02, I prefer this ergonomic mouse. Works great with Syntheyes and all other 3 button apps I use. Has the added benefit that it can work in places where a traditional mouse might not be feasible.

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