Tablet sizing resets when turning off monitor

Centos 8.2 on Lenovo. When I turn my monitor off, turning it back on the tablet size is defaulted to full canvas, not the setting still in Flame prefs. I go to Flame prefs and just move it a percentage, and it’s back to normal.

Anyone else seeing this?

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Oh interesting. You leave your workstation? Pfft.

I’ll check when I get home. @brooks ya got yours up yet?

You turn your monitor off?
Not really meant as a joke. On my HP, if the monitor is turned off I can’t reboot the system remotely. It comes back with no graphics, and hence, no Flame.

Yeah, just at night for longevity.

Do you not use any remote system? Or do you only work on site, so to speak.

Just on-site at my little shop of horrors.

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As an aside, anyone using 8.2, I would turn of the OS system sleep feature. So far it’s always needed a reboot after it does that.

Not me.

Couldn’t have been the Mountain Dew I knocked over in the server rack.