Thanks Randy & Andy

I can not thank you both enough for taking the initiative to start this forum. I so miss the old flame-news group and this is like a long lost son. I hope we soon convert most of the people from facebook and keep the community alive here.
And our community is one of a kind that I have seen absolutely no issues between members. The community acts as one when needed. Thank you all so much…
Trying to be the drop in the pool :slight_smile:


@Sinan! Thank you so much for the kind message! This makes my day and melts my heart. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do to share your unique expertise with the community!

this is so fucking awesome!!!
I feel like a real artist now! we even have an actual forum!!!



@inti.martinez you have always been an artist. Now you’ve got a place to go. If you dig it, show up, like a post, post something new, participate, and tell a friend. It helps us in so many ways. We have big plans and it all helps us get there faster.

Thank you!!!

excellent - thanks for setting this forum up, guys.

Its exactly the sort of thing i needed 6 yrs ago when i started on Smoke, and soon found the Area to be little more than a ghost town with noobs like myself trying in vain to find the odd scrap of help.

25yrs of editing and the switch to AD completely threw me…It took me more than a day to figure out how to do a freeze frame…a single keystroke on every other editor i’d used.

With this forum, i’m sure newbies will find the help this software demands, a little easier to get to.

Facebook has many issues - not least the fact many workplaces block it. Now i have somewhere i can look for Flame help and advice whilst actually sat at the Flame.

Well done and thank you.