The imaginarium world of a saveless workflow

It is all in the title: When we need to save inside Flame? Do we have to save at all? Is autosave (safe)?

It’s beautiful until it isn’t.
Save all the time. You should be saving right now.


And always manually save your setups when working in BFX, even though it is tempting not to. I’m sure many here have stories about corrupt BFX clips. :grimacing:

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I turn on “protection mode” so flame does an auto save any time any library changes.

I save my batch setups as text files, as iterations, and as batch groups in the library.

I save a LOT.

Auto save is pretty good, but I hate redoing work so much that I’ve become compulsive with saving.


I turned the “save” keystrokes into a nervous tic that I do habitually. And I old skool save my batch setups, also like a nervous tic every time I go to hit the render button or exit a batch.

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I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have PTSD from having to re-do work on more than one occasion in our careers… Save lots. Make a habit of it. Protection mode = good. Want to try a different approach to your shot with motion vectors? Save. Flame starting to chug? Save. Spidey sense tingling? Save. Gotta fart? Save. Flame seems to know exactly when you’re doing something important or on a tight deadline to turn around and shit the bed.