Tif vs tiff export

i have gotten a request to export files with a .tiff extention.
Flame defaults to .tif
is there a way to change it?
Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how you would change it but I don’t think it matters. Some older file systems could only handle 3 characters for file extensions.

.jpg vs .jpeg, .tif vs .tiff


rename it

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Adobe Bridge has a great rename function for image sequences and multiple files.

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On Mac if you select multiple files and select rename in right click menu you automatically get a search and preplace popup.

On PC (yes, Flame folks may not have that option) there’s a fantastic ‘bulk rename’ utility with lots of options.


for file in *.tif; do 
    mv -- "$file" "${file%tif}.tiff"

Should work for linux, CD into the directory with all the tif files …

or send them a email telling them its the same thing.