Tools tab

Now that it came up in another discussion, does anyone use the Tools tab? Is it obsolete yet? What do you think? Any tools there that can’t be accessed any other way?

I use the tool tabs to quickly find differences in clips or sequences in the Workspace.
The Difference Matte is in the menu via composite (Key/Difference Matte).

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usually for changing the start timecode on a sequence, or occasionally for trying to remove pulldown…and thats all i use it for.

I use a few of the tools frequently. In a somewhat hierarchical order, they would be timecode, desktop utilities (mostly for deleting audio) field tools, resize, text, paint, difference mattes, deal/interleave, action. I mostly use paint and action to do super-fast checks of something, or make markups. I wish RBGA made a multichannel clip instead of a container. I would use that a lot. Also one that separated multi-channel into an RGB and an A.


Once used it to copy 1 audiofile to a lot of videofiles. That was very quick to do with the Tools, copy .
Also recently to add pulldown. And other times I use the change timecode function to change TC if I rendered a Batch clip with the wrong TC for example. Or to set my Record timecode to zero.
I think that’s it.

I use it to delete audio of clips regularly (faster than deleting sync-groups and pulling the audio off in the timeline) and find myself in there for other reasons now and again.

  • Change tc code and framerates (mandatory)
  • Resizes and letterboxes
  • Quick diferences for checkout
  • Quick Texts and Paints.

Interesting the tip to delete audio.

+1 for painting and using text for mark-up frames.

KEEP ONE on exit :+1:

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I use paint in tools to write a message to my zoom client that I will be back in 5 mins