U.K. legal text font advice

Hey all

I’m looking to upgrade our in house U.K. legals preset text nodes.

Does any U.K. artist have a good font recco that they use regularly that gets thru clearcast no issues?

Currently we use Helvetica condensed thin and slightly squeeze it on x axis if needed. 32 lines high at HD - point size 57.

It gets thru clearcast everytime but I’m just doing a shoutout if there is anything better/smaller we could use

Thanks in advance

good question. I too would like to find a less obvious in your face font for this.

I always use the Helvetica CYPlain font for legals - with a point size at 64. Has never failed Clearcast in well over a decade, but it would be nice to have it subtler.


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We did a ton of work back and forth with Clearcast when they changed the Legals around condensed fonts a few years ago…

We landed on Arial Narrow, Size 59, Kern -1 and 80% scale in the x axis.

Anything smaller or more squashed it usually gets kicked back… but I still try squashing it more every now and again to see what I can get away with :grinning:


Thanks. - I might get into it with them and report back. No promises as I might just fall asleep talking about legals……

Size 59!!! Here in the US we do 22.

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Its crazy right! Almost as if they are trying to let you read them in the time of the commercial :wink:

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you wait till you try get your head around the specific rules for determining the on screen duration for a legal caption!

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I’ve gone as small as 18 but our rules here say that each word on screen has to take up .2 second. Sometimes that result calculation is longer than the spot HAHA