Unable to connect, Preset Browser / Boris Sapphire (Linux)

Hey peeps, just wondering if anyone experienced and has a fix for the “unable to connect to the Preset Browser” error, when using the sapphire ofx on a Linux Flame ?

Centos 8
Flame 2022.2

Do you get any message in the shell if you type

Hey @PhilippeJ , I’ve just left the office. Will revert as soon as I get back

Hey @PhilippeJ ,
Please see pic

I have not encountered this before, but you might have to generate a new machine-id. Is it possible this hardrive was cloned from another system?

Strange that it is length 36, though…here is some reading


Hi, it was a clean install of Centos 8 Autodesk

as root or via sudo edit the file /etc/machine-id to remove the four “-” in it so that it only has numbers.