Unable to retrieve project metadata: and other weird error messages

just put this on Autodesk Area, but more likely to get a useful response here…

I am seeing the following error message in Terminal every time i try open a project (new or existing):-

Unable to retrieve project metadata: Error when opening archive : Error parsing header: Incompatible database format

Also seeing other error messages that i don’t understand:-

Could not access project colour space shared catalog ‘/hosts/ name/synColor/policy/user_color_spaces’: No such file or directory

This is a brand new project so surely Flame knows where its creating its data?

Auto-mount path ‘/hosts/’ does not seem to be configured properly.
Run the Service Monitor’s Auto-Mount diagnostic for more details.

I ran the suggested diagnostic, and followed the instructions, but the issue remains. The attached screenshot shows the Auto_master file includes the code described as missing by Service Monitor…
any idea whats going on with my system?

I did have a chap from Autodesk support do some tweaking a while back when things were getting screwy with this Flame and the Flame Assist next door. I hope he hasn’t caused more issues.

I’m running Flame 2023.1.0.207 on a Mac Pro with os 12.5.1, 224gb ram, 32gb pro-vega II.