Undo bug

Would appear that the undo bug is back.
2022.2, I keep losing my undo buffer.


Seriously though. When will this go away?

I think I have mentioned this on Facebook, but this might not be a bug. Some operations need to flush the Undo stack for the software to work properly. Generally we display a dialog warning you of this situation, but there might be some instances when we do not. The best thing you could do is to post the application log or send it to support when this happens.

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Thanks @fredwarren for jumping on to explain.

It might be a tricky one to report since it causes no crash/error log. I think I understand the need to flush the Undo stack. It can’t store an infinite amount but not once have I ever seen a warning dialog (Flame 2020.3.1)

The bug is more nuanced, for me, than just loosing the ability to undo. It will occasionally undo something further away. It might jump me out of the current batch and undo something in a different one. I can quickly redo redo redo like crazy incase it has done something I will regret and I restart the software.

I would love to hear from anyone else who experiences this undo bug and how it effects them.


A) I wanted to give you an example of the software warning you that it will flush the Undo stack and I thought about deleting a layer in Action. The problem is that it is not an instance where the software warns you but an instance where the undo buffer is flushed without warning you :pensive:

As for why we need to do it… in that case it is because the Delete operation itself is not undoable so having operations made on the Action Media Layer itself (Slip, Blur, etc.) cannot remain in the undo buffer. Otherwise the software would try to undo an operation on an object that no longer exists and that would create problems.

B) Undo making the software “jump out” of an area is by design. That should happen when the operation you are undoing was made in a different area than the one you are in. For example, if you make a modification in Batch, switch to the Timeline tab and then Undo the software will automatically go back to the Batch tab. This is a way to warn you that you are making an operation that affects something that was not on-screen.

Finally, about some operations being skipped when you undo, keep in mind that not every operations are added to the undo stack. This may explain why you think some operations are skipped. one other thing could be that you are using python scripts and that not every operations in a script are undoable.

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I accidentally hit a button and look what came up!

First time I’ve seen this before. It was the Reset button just above the Undo Redo button in batch.