Undo/Redo stops working - 2023.0.1


After Flame is running, sometimes an hour, sometimes 4, the undo/redo will stop working on the Gmask Tracer; then sort of trickles down to some other things. I’ll hit Undo and it’ll undo in some other part of the batch that is unrelated to the Gmask.

Only fix is restarting Flame.

What do?


This type of bug has been plaguing me for quite a few software versions. I have noticed it more on my Linux box. What OS are you on?

As soon as I notice it I promise myself I will quickly do a relauch but then continue working until I make a mistake, hit undo and it jumps me into another batch and undoes some strange action from 15 mins ago. This reminds me to relaunch and then it clears up.

I’m on MacOS 12.3.01

Yeah super annoying man.

Same here, on linux, 2023.1
luckily restarting software fixes it.

I don’t understand why so many people here use old versions of software. What is the motivation?

Same here… tried to narrow it down to a specific operation but couldn’t… feels like the undo buffer fills up and then it’s done…

Not wanting to meet a crippling bug mid way through a project with a tight turn around.

Needing to pay IT to update all 10 machines and OS at the same time so that we don’t have some machines incapable of working on certain jobs.

Better the devil you know until at least service pack 2 and most of the problems have been ironed out.

Not having much down time and jobs overlapping so that finding the right time to do the whole switch can be logistically tricky.

Or not being the one who ultimately makes the call of when to do the update.


Or having hundreds of episodes of television shows open and active.