Upgrading the Wiretap Server

Hi all,

Anyone know if it’s possible to upgrade or reinstall the Wiretap Server?

I’ve installed Flame 2022, then Flame 2021.2.2, then Flame 2022.1 and for some reason I’m know invisible from other Flame stations in our studio and have to start the Wiretap Server manually each time I reboot my computer. I suspect the unmatched version of the Wiretap Server is the problem.

I’ve read on the Autodesk Forum that this issue can be caused by an OS update/upgrade (which should not be the case) or by installing different Flame versions not in chronological order. The problem can be solved by uninstalling all the Flame version and reinstalling them in the right order.

Here’s my Service Monitor Components info:

Other Flame stations got the message: “Stone+Wire server on “My Computer” is not responding: connection refused. Check that the server is running correctly in the Service Monitor.”

I’m running a 2019 MacPro on OS 10.15.7. Flame is working as expected otherwise.