Wiretap gateway will not start

I’ve just restarted Flame and now get an error message:

Wiretap gateway service is unavailable
Continue anyway?
Choosing to continue will result in limited playback, import and export functionalities.
I get a red light on the service monitor for wiretap gateway, which will not start.

I’ve rebooted twice, and no joy.
Ive tried this from the AD website:
Manage the Wiretap Gateway service from a Terminal with this command:

/etc/init.d/wiretapgateway <start|stop|restart>
But just get no such file or directory.

I’m awaiting a call back from support, but thought I’d check to see if anyone here has an answer.

Hello paul_round –

Which version of Flame are you running and what’s your OS?

Running 2022.3.1 on centos 7.6

paul_round –

It’s a long shot, but once your machine is fully booted, do you have the ability to launch “Service Monitor.app”? You can find that in /Applications/Autodesk/your user directory… Logik is not being very nice in allowing me to post a proper path.

I have found that, after booting a workstation running 2022.3, give your system a few minutes before launching Service Monitor. Once Service Monitor is launched, restart Stone+Wire. Service Monitor takes about another 20 seconds after which it will restart Stone + Wire along with Wiretap Server.

I wait abut 30 seconds past that before restarting Flame after which I’ve found that caching will then work properly.

The service monitor loads but shows a red light light against the gateway, which refuses to start.
Support were working on it yesterday for several hours and could not get it going.
They’re going to try reinstalling the app and also upgrading the DKU.

Still no joy with it. They think that 2023 has done some damage.

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So after 1 1/2 days of noodling, installing the latest DKU, uninstalling all versions of Flame, reinstalling 2002.3.1, the gateway will still not start.
They have now run out of ideas!

Hi @paul_round,

Does “They” refer to the Autodesk technical support team?


No, Escape. I’ve yet to submit a ticket to AD.

Hi Paul !

In our office I fixed this problem with a few things.
Check in your security parameter you gave full access to disk for some protocol.
like wiretap gateway, ifffswiretapserver, sw_dbd , sw_serverd…

For us on all machine running 2022.3, we have to restart every day the stone + wire, if not flame start but impossible to cache any shots.
It’s a bug of this version, I contact an engineer and he explain me that.

Hope this will help you

This is on Linux, that sounds more like a mac.

I had the same problem (MAC) the problem for me was that I had too many partitions I then deleted all superfluous partitions in the cfg file and replaced the cfg in the folder.
The path to the cfg file is this: /opt/Autodesk/sw/stone+wire.cfg

Maybe it helps…

If you have found another solution, please write it here, I would be interested, Cheers…!!

You’ll need to use the preformatted text button, which is the </> button in the Reply Window, to type paths. Like so.

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This is not the issue here, as I said it’s Linux and Flame has been re-installed, so the issue must be deeper.

Excellent Randy, thank you for that!