Upload a screenshot to a post

Hello forum

I would like to add/upload a screenshot to one of my former posts, but that dosen’t seem to be possible :frowning:
Do I not yet met the requirements to upload attachments, or are I am doing something wrong?



Hiya @Joe99, you should be able to upload screen shots. There MAY be a setting somewhere deep in the bowels of Discourse that keeps certain levels of users from editing posts of a certain age.

What kinda image are you trying to upload and to which post and I’ll go fishing for that setting to fix it for ya?

In this case: two *.png’s to the following post:

Thank’s a lot for your help!

Hmm…you have permissions…mind trying again? Drag the files into a new reply window. That should work.

Sorry could not imagine that drag/drop does work:) Thank’s for the promt help!