Using flame.import_clips() is there any way to control how an alpha channel is handled?

I am working on a new script that imports all image sequences in a specified directory. I have this working fine, however I can’t figure out how to also pull in the alpha channel. Is this possible?

If it’s an embedded alpha, you might have to have your import settings in the MediaHub set to bring in the alpha.


Thanks Mike. I have it set that way, and it isn’t behaving as I would expect.

@MikeV It seems like no matter how I have mediahub set, it is importing it as Multi Channel. This is just a .tif with embedded alpha.

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This is not available in the Python API. You can add your vote to the request on Flame Feedback here


@fredwarren Thank you Frederic!

The following options have been added to flame.mediahub.files.options:

  • multi_channel_mode
  • cache_mode
  • proxies_mode
  • cache_and_proxies_all_versions