Will the frames still be recognized if I uninstall and reinstall an old version of Flame?

Hey guys,

I’m running 3 versions of Flame on my 2019 iMac, and want to uninstall the oldest version - 2019.2.2 - without deleting any of the Autodesk Storage media associated with projects created in that version. I want to be able to reinstall 2019.2.2 in case I need to work with those projects again, and I’d prefer not to have to restore them from the archives.

If I uninstall Flame 2019.2.2, will the frames in my Autodesk media storage still work with that version if I reinstall it?

I think it should, just be sure to never open that project in the newer version or if you do use copy and convert

Why not just keep that version on there? Save the headache/heartache

Thanks, Joel. I’ll be working in one of the newer versions soon, which I just installed. If I run into performance issues during the job, I want to have the freedom to uninstall all three Flame versions and do a clean install of just the version I need.

Gotcha, I’ve never had performance issues running more than one version of flame on the same computer before but that’s Linux so not sure how that plays on mac

FYI Ive always had to install Flame versions in the order of the oldest first. Every time I install an older version of Flame on top of a newer one, I have a bad time. It could just be me but I feel like there’s a good reason to install in the oldest version first order.

Randy, good tip. I’ve also gotten the warning when starting to uninstall a newer version that any older versions on the box may not work correctly if I continue with the uninstall.

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I need to uninstall all the versions of Flame I have and just start fresh with a couple newer ones. Does it matter which version of the uninstaller I use? Are there any “gotchas” or can I just start the latest version of the uninstaller, click all the versions and go? Thanks!

Use the one in the highest version folder and use the option to uninstall all versions

Done! Thanks so much. I’m getting integrity check fails even after uninstalling all versions and only installing 2021.1. I even ran a vic but that doesn’t change the status. Back in the queue with Autodesk.

If you really want to start a fresh system and you have archived all your projects you can delete the Autodesk folder in /opt
Please note you will lose all of your settings and any projects.