UV mapping from CG

Hi Hive Mind.

I’ve done this in the past years ago but running into a problem.

I got a CG EndTag with a Phone Screen. I asked my CG vendor to render out a UV pass so later in time i can swap out the Screen UI when the client wants to version different screens later… I multiply the Screen Alpha to the Scene UV to isolate it just the UV’s of the Phone… In one action i pre-comp the position of the New element and send the Fill/Alpha to another Action where i apply the UVs for tracking… but the Mapping gets Wack… my new element Flips and is squeezed… it tracks fine but is not mapped correctly. to me it seems like the UV’s are incorrect on the phone.
Just conforming it’s a UV issue and i’m not missing a button…

What happens if you apply the UV to the new element without precomping it? It looks like the UV for the phone is expecting an 1080x1920 input.

You can see that the UVs are flipped and scaled. That being the case just adjust your diffuse texture accordingly. You’ll go -100 in x to start and then go the rest of the way by eye with scale and translate.

Alternatively ask them to project the UV’s from your match frame and rerender. I thought there was a way to do this in flame before.

What happens if you multiply the UV pass down? Before the mapping. I would guess 25%. You may need to do separate values for R and G.
Also, if you are in a color managed project, make sure the color space is set to UV.

First thank you all for responding.

Re-sizing my element to 1920x1090 is working and with some tweak i’ll get it to work… it still is Flipped… but i can fix that also… But at least i can work with this if CG can’t supply something easier.

You guys are the best, Thank you

If you specify a resolution of the screen insert, and even better, give them a test image to use, it resolves most of these sorts of challenges.