Vertical viewport switching

With more and more vertical projects these days.

Is there a way of working vertically in flame and still viewing full screen on the preview monitor without working in normal 16:9 and rotating the screen and tablet?
Am hoping there is an option I am unaware of that enables viewport output to be rotated 90 degrees so we can see the full picture with a rotated monitor?

WOO HOO what’s up @barry-g !!! Welcome to Logik!

sorry i don’t know that answer - just wanted to say hi! :slight_smile: (the nuke team can rotate their monitors, not sure about flame)

If you’re on a mac you should be able to do it by switching the display settings in the OS

Hey Tim.
Yeah, we can rotate our monitors but all the UI stays where it is and need to work with a vertical tablet.
Wondering if there’s a smarter way to do this.

Thanks John, unfortunately I’m on Linux. :frowning: