VLC player

Does anybody run VLC on their linux Flame box?
If so, any issues with the install?

No issues here

Runs pretty good in my experience.

In my experience, vlc installation can be a little tricky. For instance, in CentoOs 7 , vlc never worked if it was installed after DKU :man_shrugging:. I used to install vlc always before.

In centos 8, I’m not sure if the issue is still present, because I still installing vlc (and the rest of my favourite utilities before DKU) , thought I think in centos 8 everything is easier and less dramatic than in centos 7.

Anyway in centos 8 is important enable powertools repo . Powertools is an exclusive repository for centos 8, specially focused in dependencies for 3rd party utilities , (including multimedia apps). Without powertools repo you’ll get a lot of dependencies errors using dnf.

Interesting, this would be on a Centos 7.6 installation.