Weirdness, batch CC vs Matchbox CC

Doing a comparison: Making identical adjustments between the CC nodes, connected to the same clip and comparing A/B.

Results are not identical. Only when I set my colorspace tagging to “Unknown” does it match.

if you look at your schematic in batch u should see the color corrector has no info underneath it, where as the matchbox color corrector does and should say your scene working space, ie linear or whatever u are workin in. i believe the color corrector matchbox is taking into account your working color space settings

Good old colorspace.

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if ur hellbent on having to not redo what u have already done you could add a ‘colour mgmt’ node set space to unknown, apply the same values from the batch cc to the matchbox cc, then add another lut with your workin space

Im digging around. I like the mix function in the matchbox CC, its handy for animating grades.

Based on the above would the matchbox CC is technically “right” for SceneLinear?

I prefer mastergrade , the controls and sensitivity remind me of lustre and I find it easier to dial in values. It’s also colorspace aware. I’m pretty sure the matchbox CC is based on whatever it was coded for, though I think it’s looking for linear input, I may be wrong though


Update on this: the Matchbox Color Correct inside of Action doesnt respond nicely to a linear input, unfortunately. It’s 1:1 compared with batch CC in Rec709 however.

so even when both have the same colourspace in the control settings the output result is different?