What happened to the animation tab , why is it so bad?

We are now running 2023.3 and everytime i need to go into the animation tab in an Action it makes me want throw my keyboard out the window!
it seems to have a mind of its own whether it lets me click and drag up n down and calmly and slow scroll up and down to see different channels or it just wont do anything at all. Using the ridiculously small yellow bar to scroll is scrolling the entire batch so thats basically useless.It seems to lose focus of the node you are trying to browse all the time.
I hate it! What happened? is it just me? I swear it didnt used to be like this


A colleague just introduced me to Space + drag… This seems to be the solution , why it was needed i do not know

You should watch some of Grant’s tutorials on the new animation tab. It might take some getting used to, and it’s not without its issues, but I think it’s much improved.