What RAID chunk size is optimal for Flame

I’m creating a new project drive, for my Mac studio. It’ll be the drive on which all my video assets are stored, it may occasionally be used as a Framestore too.

I previously had it setup with softraid, but not a fan anymore for various reasons. So I’m striping it with the Mac Disk Utility RAID tool. These are my options for chink size:

Just wondering if anyone knows the best option to choose for Flame optimisation.

(the info in the screen grab says bigger is better for video, but reading online many say the exact opposite)



In my experience for what we do, bigger is better. I think. Maybe. Probably.

big chunk size = better speed, worse space optimization. And vice versa. I did some tests , and indeed, there are some improve in reading speeds. I’d go to 64K or 128K.

Why not go 256k? Is this the definition of what the smallest file will take up on the disk?

When I set up a new NVME raid, I created a new project that that used it as a frame store, and tried them all. Higher was better for speed, but you can get into diminishing returns.

from my experience and last I checked which was a while back 128 was the sweet spot.