What's your fav remote software/app of choice?

So far my favorite/favourite (<—pour les canadiens) remote software/app is Jump Desktop, and seems to work just great, mac to mac, without any lag.

Another one that I happen to be using right now is HP Central Remote Boost, ZCentral Remote Boost | HP® Official Site , and on my iMac im remote login into another flame on a linux system. So far my right click doesnt work in my Smoke Classic profile hot keys settings but works in Flame profile hot keys. When i play down HD is does these small blocks occasionally but then when I stop its fine (settings are at 100 Image Quality Experience in Performance tab) and some lag here and there.

What’s your fav software/app/strategy/workflow of choice?

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In Smoke hotkeys, if you are talking about your pen button not working, its because in the Hotkey Editor under Access Context Menu it defaults to POINTER_BUTTON_2. Make it POINTER_BUTTON_1 and Bob’s your Uncle.

I’ve tried RGS (now called HP Central Remote Boost), Teradici over a Zero client, Teradici PCoIP Software Client, NoMachine, Jump Desktop.

I may be wrong, but it feels less a software choice and more of a PEBKAC problem. As in, its all about how much the systems friends at the studios know. The combinations of Sender/Receiver are so many that, for staffers, it is soooo much easier to deal with. For freelancers, it must be a friggin nightmare for internal engineers. There’s hardly any time to share kit if needed, and onboarding is way overlooked. Your stuck hunting and pecking through Slack channels for someone you recognize as a Flame op to figure out how to launch anything.

Everybody is trying hard and everybody is being kind, but, its sooo painful.