Alternative to Teamviewer

I occasionally log into my machine at work from home using teamviewer, however, it’s now telling me I need to buy a license.
Can anyone recommend a free alternative to teamviewer, (mac to linux)

AnyDesk was made by ex-TeamViewer devs and I find it far superior.

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Just tried it, but I get a grey screen when launching Flame.
Also, It needs someone to give permission for control.

Not sure why you get a grey screen, but you can set it up for unattended access. You also need to be present to install it and set it up. Unless you can do it through teamviewer.

I’m setting it up with my macbook next to it, I’ll give it another go.

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Ok, tied agin. It seems If I connect with flame already running it’s fine, but if I launch flame remotely, thats when I get the grey screen.

All working now.

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I use Splashtop. For free (personal) use I think you can have three devices.

If your linux is an HP you get free HP Remote Boost which works really well.

Not true anymore. Since the Teradici purchase of HP, and HP Anywhere released just a few days ago, this is no longer the case.

Oh how lame.

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Its a moot point as its a Dell.

Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion of anydesk. Works much better than teamviewer and my hotkeys are working too!

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Glad it’s working out.

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Glad Anydesk is working.

Real VNC works reasonably well (Z Central is definitely better)

If you have VPN access to the remote network you could screen share as well (Will still be using VNC most likely, or Remote Desktop).

We’ve been using Anydesk for a while. Only gotcha that I’ll give you is that the Alt key sometimes throws a wobbler if you use it in action (Alt+E in particular). Quit Anydesk and restart Anydesk fixes it.
You don’t get audio, but that probably doesn’t matter to your type of work, Paul.

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Audio Andy, whats that? :laughing:

Looks like I may have spoken too soon, I’m getting occasional freezes.
Also getting connection in progress messages with no connection, then timing out.

RustDesk… open source.