Who’s old enough to remember what what this is?


That is the Malone family seal, and you are in breach.


Record tab for u-matic tape!


:clap:t2: :clap:t2: We have a winner! :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

I always knew I was a winner. My mom said I’m really good looking.

It’s inscribed in the Malone family seal :slight_smile:

You must have been at one of those fancy facilities with virgin tape. Those of us in public access land had to resort to papertape covered over 30 or 40 pass U-matic tapes! :slight_smile:

I got my starting public access! Best use of tax dollars ever.

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Yep, I owe a lot to the opportunities provided to me at United Cable TV in Van Nuys!

Austin Public Access. The dredges of the weirdos and budding Flame artists.

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I got kicked out of public access because my content was too “scandalous.”

Ha! That’s saying a lot for your content! You should have joined us in Van Nuys. We got away with almost anything (we had pretty nice gear and stages too)!

There were these weird hippy anarchists that took over the station, and I guess I got kicked out because I went on air and made fun of their commune.

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You should talk to Paul Carlin! He was the resident anarchist when we were interns there. He ALMOST got kicked out for rewiring the whole facility one weekend.

Who among us (besides I) have ever used one of these:


Kinda looks like this


I knew what the U-Matic button was, and I’ve used Sony open reel VTR’s.

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not a Sony, but I used to use both Revox and Tascam reel to reels! - doh! just realised that’s a vtr, not audio!

Damn Tim! You’re old! :slight_smile:

Who remembers these?