Why does deleting a Desktop Backup consume storage space on the Flamestore


→ Preferences → Storage and click on Volume Statistics:

Making a Desktop Backup does reduce “Free Space” for 2GB. That makes sense :slight_smile:

Deleting 3-5 Desktop-Backups and footage in a Reel is not immediately reflected in Volume Statistics:
But after restarting Flame, Volume Statistics does indicate 10 GB less Free Space !!

How is that possible? What can be done that Flame does release this storage space?

Thank you!


This is because the Delete operation is undoable so the media/metadata must be kept.

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The elusive free space: delete the media, as Fred pointed out; clear your undo buffer, purge the purgable in the fs, quit flame, run vic, dance around with joy! It will appear.

Thank`s for the reply!

Does that mean, the system with the Desktop Backup is something like an incremental backup?
If one of the incremental backup’s is deleted, the subsequent backup’s are not useable anymore because the cain is not complete? (and therefore Flame does keep the data of the deleted Desktop Backup somewhere hidden) ?


If it’s an undoable thing, it has to keep it in the Undo buffer. So, input a 1TB clip do the Desktop and cache it. Flame knows its 1TB, reserves 1TB of framestore space for it. Now, recycle the clip. If your undo buffer is set to 50, you technically need to do 49 more “undoable” actions before its cleared from the undo buffer and Flame then purges the space.

Very interesting, thank you for explaining! Would backup/archiving it and afterwards restoring the project be a possiblity(but loosing the undo’s) for the case the Framestore is full ?


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Correct. Archiving is the best way to hold on to thing that matter to ya.