You have X days to connect to the internet

I’m hoping someone can help out with an issue I’m seeing with a user.

I have a machine set up on AWS using Rocky and Flame 2023.3, he’s been working fine on it but he’s been getting an error saying he has X days to connect to the internet.

I’ve found an old support post from Autodesk about AutoCAD and some suggested fixes, however they are all based around Windows machines.

I am a complete novice when it comes to Linux and us as a company have only had to set up our first Flame machine last week so it could be an obvious config thing I’ve not done.

I was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice? I have an op coming in to do some bits over the weekend and it’s showing today is the last day Flame will run. I have reached out to our tech provider who runs our AWS bits but they haven’t seen this issue before…

Sounds like a networking config thing to my artist ears.

Have you gone through this?

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I have not but I will look through this now. I was told this set up should be ready to go so I am assuming Flame and everything was installed properly but I’ll check through this list and see if I can see anything obvious.


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Completely unrelated but I laughed out loud at your username. :heart:

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Thanks so much! I just did this, found the numbered symlink, renamed it and I didn’t see the error again so all is well in the world again!

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tell it to @Dwklink.