You want a wmv, but you don't know me

“You want a wmv, but you don’t know me.”

Almost 10 years old!


I’m always going to enjoy extremely targeted comedy videos. That was awesome.

It also got me thinking about how Prores is that old but still as good as it gets. It tells me my belief in ever-improving technology is false and the real improvements are in storage and throughput. Someone with more knowledge in stocks than I have will probably tell you how those intermittent huge leaps vs incremental improvement play out in the long run, but right now I’m just going to assume I’ll be delivering Prores 422’s for the next twenty years.

but they’ll be 48k and have a 64bit per-channel color precision (subsampled, ofc).


Whoa. ProRes HAS been around for 10 years, hasn’t it? Crazeballs.

As of today, right now, we have 422 members.

422HQ ProRes!!!


3/4" was the review medium of choice for 25 years . . .

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Still got any tweakers laying around?

yes . . . . And this platform will not allow me to type just “yes,” so I need to fill my reply out with a complete sentence.

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Ha. Yeah, that is annoying as feck. I reduced the minimum amount of characters to 2.


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For the record, one of the least verbose communications was between Victor Hugo and his publisher upon release of his novel “Les Miserables.” Apparently Hugo was traveling at the time of it’s initial publication. The body of his inquiry was “?” to which the publisher responded “!.”

I have no idea how I missed this the first time around. Hilarious!

Does anyone have the Cheap Trick video handy? All the keywords I can think of to look for it on youtube aren’t particularly specific.

Wait for it. No, seriously, wait for it. Tomorrow is the…get this…11 year anniversary of The Flame video. I have it set to auto post at midnight tonight. :slight_smile:

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