Super Fun Guessing Game!

This is not really a fun guessing game. The agency we’re working with dumped a couple of clips into their edit from previous campaigns and don’t seem to know what cameras they came from. Super cool.

So we have and a few of it’s buddies that are as follows:
4448x3096 at 25fps ProRes4444XQ, looks like log. I’m guessing Arri Gamut3 and Arri LogC3 here and it looks ok?

This next one is weirder, we have and few friends from the same mag. I think it’s from a drone? Maybe? All aerial at least. They are:
5760x3240 at 25fps ProRes4444XQ, looks like… maybe ugly Rec709?

Any guesses, especially on the second one?

5760x3240 … aerials

my guess would be the Zenmuse X7 shot in cinemaDNG and then converted to prores4444XQ :thinking:
it does not shoot 6K HD into prores soo… there might be some metadta in there saying written by resolve or something in which case it might be… bmfilmlog or dji Dlog or whatever (need to ask el DIT)

make sure to check the metadata, if its alexa it for sure says so in the metadata even in a prores. check in reslolve or arri reference tool

the other one 4448x3096 definetely looks like alexa

AlexaMini LF opengate 4.5K so yes logc3/alexawidegamut3 :slight_smile:

Yeah I was trying to figure out why Resolve wasn’t picking up the metadata, and then the reason became clear:

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