You've Been Burn'd. Ep6: Batch Paint Sucks!.....Yet again

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I demand Trucker Hat Swag with “Retched” in hot pink in time for the holiday gift giving season.


Turn off consolidate and drag and smear work properly.

@ALan ’s issue is that consolidate is on by default which is a pain. I agree. What I hoped was to save prefs in the paint node like in action but I couldn’t get it to save a default pref. Also tried to make a preset and that crashed the flame when I used it.

Obvious best workaround is to save a paint node in user bin set up the way you like it. I have done this but often forget I’ve got it there.

I think I’d just like to edit the prefs or have consolidate switched off.

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Consolidate will turn itself back on ever time you launch Flame, even in setups that you already turned it off.

SO I saw from your video - painful

Lesson of the day kids. Demand stupid stuff and magic happens!


you also win the internet today :trophy:

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every dog has his day. today is mine. thanks @ALan for the Retched swag!

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