2021.2 Gmask key shapes interpolation is ridiculously instable

I really can’t explain this 2021.2 non stable behaviour of Gmask key shapes on the geom, really painful and frustrating for a tool we use every five seconds on any task of Flame, it jumps and behave in a non expected manner, anyone had this?

Here is a demonstration of the issue

[UPDATE] just updated to 2021.2.1 and it sounds to work

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Hi chadi, thanks for the update. I have the same issue in the facility where i work. We have 4 Flame. 2 are running on the old trash can with aja kona 3g and the other two on imac pro2017. On the old ones, i have the same issue you had. I “solve it” usign gmask tracer that works fine. I’m not sure if is related to GFX or AJA or some other hardware. I’ll try updating flame to the latest release as you did.

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