Gmask different behaviour cursor not aligned


I am working on a new flame machine and I am noticing a different behavior on my Gmask: the spline doesn’t follow my cursor. I have to click to create the keyframe, so the spline appears. Anyone knows how do I fix it? I attached a picture.

Obs.: I use the Gmask tracer as well, the problem is when I do a hard roto I tend to use the old one because I am faster on it.

Thanks guys,

Hi @Pedrosantos,

What is the resolution set on your monitor?

Also, would you mind checking if the issue occurs when the resolution is set to 1920x1200?


Hi Yann…

My monitor is set to 1920x1200. Even so the problem persists.


I have this problem as soon as I updated to 2202.1 - but then resulted all the versions of flame I have doing it

Thanks @Pedrosantos,

Does the issue happen in both Single and Dual Views?

Also, would you mind sharing the hardware specifications of your workstation?


Looks like what happens when you use a tracked camera…

Hi Yann… I am working with single view. Actually I am remote on RGS. My computer is a Imac pro and the local machine is a Linux. Flame 2021. Regarding hardware I don’t know.

Thanks man…

This sounds more like a classic RGS misconfiguration with Sender/Receiver screen resolution mismatch.

Hi @Pedrosantos,

I concur with @randy here.

Can you please open a ticket with our technical support team when you get an opportunity so that one of our engineers can check it out?


Yeah buddy… I can’t make 1920x1200 on my Imac pro. I tested now with a proper LG 1920x1200 monitor and it is working fine now.