2022 - Smoke Classic Keys - IN/OUT not working

Just upgraded to 2022.1 from 2021 - Smoke Classic Keyboard - Mark In Mark out not working at all. Seems like everything is correct in Keyboard Shortcuts - any ideas?

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I’m not sure if this is an issue on 2022, but when using 2021.1 on a Mac, if I switch projects rather than exit the software and open the project, I’ve noticed some keyboard shortcuts like In/Out didn’t work properly. Might give that a try to see if it’s the same.

In 2022 when you switch projects it exits and restarts by default

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Did you try it with the 110 key keyboard selected?

Do yourself a favour and change the in/out keys to I and O like almost every other NLE

I have to “switch languages” when I use Resolve, and I can do that - but that seems like trying to speak English, except using a few Italian words. I can speak English or Italian, but harder to mix them fluently.