3d Model weirdness in Batch

I have been figuring out how to build a 3d Infinity Cove within Batch with 3d Shape, for those times you need a quick, clean background for a little box/packaging rotation shot.

I have got the cove working, but when i put my model into the shot and do a little camera move, i’m seeing this weird tearing going on at the place where the model is nearest to the cove. The model is my barstool model, and even though the legs are positioned a few pixels above the cove surface, there appears to be these shards of geometry gnawing at the bottom of the legs.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I have tried all the usual things - z- sort, subdivide geometry, mapping modes, etc but nothing seems to fix the problem.

Even switching Ambient occlusion off the issue persists.


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My guess would be the cast shadows. There is a similar glitch where the leg connects to the top body.

thanks Sinan, i’ve tried it with the shadow cast removed, and with stingray ambient occlusion removed but the tearing is still present.

Z-Sort issues?

nope - tried that!

i’m starting to think it might be some weird intersection stuff caused by the fact the infinity cove is created using a 3dShape which is creating a semi circle section of tube and scaled to zero at one end.
The stool is then placed within the bounds of that model - so its possible there is some odd maths causing the problem.

Hope its not too difficult to fix as this could be a useful method for quick packshots!

I found that I hit a similar ceiling when I was play with 3D in Flame.

CG, 3D Flame

Unfortunate because I was having so much fun playing with it but it just isn’t quite good enough yet.

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My guess for what’s making the geometry chatter is world scale. Flame would prefer to limit the values between the near and far clipping planes, so bringing those closer together and/or scaling down the whole scene might help.


Interesting…will try that tomorrow. Thanks Andy

try your camera near and far sometimes if that numeric value is wide it can cause flickering in the model, try making those numbers closer to the model. I had a flickering model issue and that sorted it.

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winner winner chicken dinner!

shrinking all the elements seems to have improved the problem. I can still see some tiny versions of the tearing but you really have to look for it!


Working though a similar issue here – Geometry kept falling apart in a camera tracked scene. This saved me a lot of head scratching. Viva La Logik.