4K Preview on CentOS8 & Aja4

we need to preview in UHD, so we just bought a new monitor for it, but hardly failed getting it to work.

The idea was to use the mini HDMI output from the Aja.
Preview settings are all in UHD and our HD broadcast also only shows quarter of the image in HD.
Sadly the UHD one will fit all of the image back into HD.

Our technican heard, that you also need to setup the aja hdmi output to 4K with the software for the card. But this software cannot be installed onto the flame CentOS8.2 system, marked as incompatible.

UHD isn’t anything futuristic, therefore I hope somebody of you got a similar setup and might have an idea, at which point we are stuck.

The autodesk-support got us the solution. The sample interleave box must also be enabled. Small button, big problem :smiley: