Increase the duration of all segments +24


changed/increased the duration of some segments in the past manually and now an additional
duration change is required(to fit the length of the audio track). Duration of every segement should be increased for additional 24 frames.

If a Timewarp FX is applied to all segments and the duration is changed from 48 to 72
the legth of all segments is afterwards 72. But this is not the goal :frowning:

Can this “frame-addition” not be done in one step/operation or do I really have to
change the duration of every segment manually?

Thank’s a lot!


Are you talking about segments in a timeline? And are you trying to roll out the handles on each segment or keep the same number of frames but make it longer (timewarp)?

Is this maybe what you’re looking for?

Yes I am talking about segments in a timeline.

In the first step I changed the length of some selected timeline segments like shown in the screenshot.
But now the legth of each segement should be increased for the same value. No clue what’s the best apporach for that…

  1. Make sure Ripple is enabled
  2. Select all segments to be affected
  3. Press the Select Outgoing side of a Transition shorcut (Flame: Command-Left / Smoke: Space-B)
  4. Then you can either:
  • Gesturally trim one transition and all the selected ones will be affected
  • Ctrl-Alt-Click on the tail number of one of the segment and enter the amount of frames you wan to trim by in the calculator that is opened (24 in your example)

Thanks Fred - you beat me to it.

I didn’t know about the Ctrl-Alt-Click on the tail number. I just type the amount on the numpad and hit enter to do the same thing.


Also… once the end trims are all selected, you can hit (Smoke Classic hotkeys) N to move one frame, and keep hitting N until they all expand as much as you need. Sorry I don’t know the Flame hotkeys.

Flame keys < and >…

You are right. I forgot that we had changed that at some point. Even easier!

Thanks to all of you! For me on an iMac this works fine:

→ select all segments → Command - Left (arrow) → just type the amount on the Numpad and hit enter.

The screenshot was also helpful so i could see how the segements should look like before typing the amount on the numpad :slight_smile:

Something that could be useful in these situations… If you are using a recent release of Flame (2022 and up) you could have done:

  1. Open the Search widget (Space-Tab)
  2. Type trim in the text field
  3. Switch to the Learn tab instead of Tools inside the widget.

You would have seen all the content of the Flame Learning Channel related to trimming, including this video: Timeline - Trimming a Multiple Segment Selection


I love the search learn tab. So quick to find specific learning channel videos.


That’s super handy.
Appreciate this one.

thanks dev team