Another Framestore confusion

I know, I know, this topic has been discussed a million times … I read all but still…

My framestore is filled, I went to add a 2nd framestore so my primary framestore doesn’t reach 100%, I added it through storage tab in Flame setup, and boom, Flame is still using the first framestore when I render and it fills, even if I setup it as Partition 0, keeping Partition 1 to the original already filled framestore:

Path=/Volumes/HAJJAN FRAMESTORE 2T/ManagedFolder3


What did I wrong?

As far as I know, you set the framestore you want to use when you’re setting up a new project. So even if you have a new framestore set up, current projects will use the one they were created with.

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I see, so the only painful workaround is to create another project, and setup it with a new framestore, then imports all the batches into the new project…